A new era has begun!

With the passing of our longtime Executive Director, Marieli Rowe, we are reshaping who we are and what we do, marking this new era with a name change as well. Honoring the rich heritage of our organization, from its beginnings as the American Council for Better Broadcasts from 1953-1983 and as the National Telemedia Council from 1983-2020, we will continue to bridge academia to action through our Journal of Media Literacy. We invite you to explore our history and join us in building a foundation for a robust, integrated, worldwide media literacy movement that impacts education in the future in expanded, engaging, and systemic ways.

Keep Up with Our Board 

Our Board is an active group of researchers and continual life learners—and some of them blog about it. Follow their journeys and experiences:

De Abreu-Headshot-1 - Belinha De Abreu.j

Belinha De Abreu, PhD

IC4ML Board Member, 2021

Focus: MIL education, educational technology, global perspectives, critical thinking, privacy & big data, young adults, and teacher training

Theresa Redmond

IC4ML Board Member, 2021

Focus: Digital and media literacy, curriculum design, educational technology integration, and the arts

Antonio Lopez.png

Antonio López, PhD

IC4ML Board Member, 2021

Focus: Bridging sustainability with media literacy, leading the ecomedia Literacy movement

Jeff Share.png

Jeff Share

IC4ML Board Member, 2021

Focus: Critical media literacy in K-12 education; connection between environmental justice and media lit.