Madlyn Steinhart

From Telemedium, The newsletter of the of the National Telemedia Council, Inc.

Vol 40, No 2. Published Summer 1994

The 1994 Jessie McCanse Award for individual contribution to the field of media literacy was recently announced by the NTC Board of Directors.

Madlyn Epstein Steinhart is a classroom teacher at Canarsie High School in Brooklyn, New York. Known to friends and colleagues as Maddy, she has been an enthusiastic media literacy and media education crusader for the past twelve years. She has taught media literacy and media education on the Junior and Senior High School level to both gifted and Special Education students and has developed her courses to include a rich diet of hands-on production along with theory and media awareness.
Having developed her activities and pro­gram, filling the special needs of her stu­dents, she was inspired to carry her ideas beyond the boundaries of her own class­rooms and work to create a city-wide net­work of media educators in New York. Bound and determined to accomplish this goal not on the fringes of officialdom but centrally within its domain and with its sup­port, Maddy worked tirelessly and for years to build the needed awareness, alliances, and finally support. Her brainchild, Educators of Media and Telecommunications (E.M.T.), fully supported and operating under the auspices of the United Federation of Teachers (U.F.T.), is the result of her patient, enthusiastic, and relentless efforts.

Today, she is co-director of the United Federation of Teachers Media Committee (E.M.T., Educators of Media and Telecommunications). She is a member of the NTC, AML, and NCTE's Assembly on Media Arts as well as other media organi­zations across the United States and in Canada. She has spoken at workshops for Kodak and The Office of Media and Telecommunications of the New York City Board of Education and is currently work­ing with several educational media organi­zations to develop curricula and further workshop opportunities for teachers and administrators in New York State.