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The Journal of Media Literacy began as Better Broadcasts News, an organizational newsletter for the American Council for Better Broadcasts in 1953. It evolved into Telemedium, The Journal of Media Literacy in the 1980’s, as the organization changed its name to the National Telemedia Council. Today, The Journal of Media Literacy brings together the thinking and experiences of the major pioneers, the current practitioners, and the future thinkers in media literacy. It is the oldest, ongoing, in-depth North American print journal in media education. For the theme of each issue, the editorial board invites an expert guest co-editor and outstanding contributors in their field. Its readership is composed largely of K-12 teachers, teacher educators, professors, community activists, and media professionals from around the world interested in growing the field of media literacy.

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Volume 65 No. 1 & 2 Fall 2018

Praxis & Partnerships - 2nd International Media Literacy Research Symposium

Edited by Belinha De Abreu and Vitor Tomé, this issue brings together researchers from 25 countries and four continents who all traveled to Lisbon, Portugal in April, 2018, to share and discuss their current research. Articles represent three different strands from the conference: Media Literacy, Civic Participation/Participatory Culture, and Digital Citizenship.

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Volume 64 No. 1 & 2 Fall 2017


Edited by Neil Andersen & Carol Arcus

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A Pick from the Archives

Vol.43, No.1, Spring 1997

Understanding Television

Featuring the following: "Television in the 1990s: the Quest for Marketing and Meaning" by Barry Duncan; "Celebrating the Viewer/Learner" by Rich Fehlman; "Parental Guidelines: the Research" by Joanne Cantor; "Parental Guidelines: the Industry" by Jack Valenti; "Cable and Media Literacy" by Al Race and Bob Gallagher. Also includes a "Parent's Page" from Milton Chen.

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